Stabilized oxygen

Stabilisierter Sauerstoff Tropfen

Stabilized oxygen in its very purest form

The statements refer only to the application outside the EU.

Within the EU, O4 is currently not to be used as a food supplement because of the issue to be clarified (whether electrolysis is a novel process in the EU – Novel Food Regulation). not to be used as a food supplement.

The basis

Stabilisierter Sauerstoff Tropfen

Our elixir of life

Oxygen – Our elementary companion

Oxygen plays a strong and primary role in our lives. Not only for pure survival but also for our well-being, fitness and health.

All metabolic processes in the body are regulated by oxygen and 80% of our total metabolic energy production is generated by oxygen! So it’s no wonder that more and more scientists are now discovering how even a slight lack of oxygen can disrupt the optimal functioning of cells, and insufficient oxygen metabolism is seen as a key building block for various ailments.

We all know how important water, vitamins, minerals and enzymes are to our health and vitality. Now is the time to also focus attention on a sensible and sufficient oxygen supply.

The functioning

Funksionweise Stabilized Oxygen

The path of O4 into the blood and cells – An exciting journey…

Oxygen: An additional intake

The active ingredient in O4 is the stabilized bioavailable oxygen molecules.

O4 is intended for oral ingestion as an additional source of cell-available oxygen molecules. These can be absorbed through the digestive tract into the blood plasma. There, the oxygen is available to red blood cells (hemoglobin) and can increase the amount of available dissolved oxygen in the blood plasma.

The extra oxygen can be used by the cells for normal cell metabolism.


Stabilisierter Sauerstoff Tropfen

What is O4 or also called tetra oxygen! How is this purity possible?

Bioavailable Oxygen

O4 starts with a simple solution of distilled water (H2O) and sea salt.

During production, the water molecules are blown apart to release the oxygen atoms from the H2O compound.

Then the actual O4 science begins. Using our proprietary technology, we enable two groups of O2 to electrically bond together to form an incredibly stable polyatomic oxygen molecule, O4. While the hydrogen gas molecules (H2) escape from solution, the heavier tetraoxygen molecules (O4) remain dissolved in the salt water and O4 Stabilized OxygenTM is born.

The oxygen content

Stabilisierter Sauerstoff zur Herstellung von hochdosiertem Sauerstoff-Wasser

Details on the mechanisms of action of oxygen on viruses, bacteria and parasites will follow here later…..

350 000 ppm oxygen / 350 per mille / 35 %.

100 % natural – in purest food quality
Bioavailable – supports the metabolism
without chlorite and without chlorine dioxide
very balanced pH-value
worldwide approval

Application / Usage


Simply for at home or on the way – into the drinking water or also times purely under the tongue!

Recommendation for use

2 times daily 25 drops in a glass of still water.
Can also be taken safely in quantity as needed.
Can also be taken sublingually (undiluted under the tongue).

Shake before use.

Caution: Do not use metal spoons for stirring. Do not use a metal container for storage.
(This will cause the stable oxygen compound to dissolve prematurely).
Preferably one hour offset from meals.
(Reason: food can be oxidized and thus destabilize O4.
O4 should therefore only be taken separately and only with water or pure).


O4 Stabilisierter Sauerstoff Tropfen

Here you will find the background, analyses, anti-doping certificate, internal documents and briefs, as well as a variety of publications on the subject of oxygen

Research studies in laboratories and universities worldwide

O4 has been the subject of more than two dozen independent research studies in laboratories and universities around the world. Athletes, scientists, educators and health experts have confirmed the safety and effectiveness of O4.

In a 6-month university study, researchers found that athletes who consumed O4 before exercise showed improvement in overall performance and recovery.

By measuring O2 saturation in muscle tissue and the bloodstream, the study confirmed a significant reduction in blood lactate concentration and increased lactate clearance kinetics, resulting in improved aerobic capacity and shortened recovery times.

The result is a performance supplement that increases oxygen levels in the body for improved energy efficiency, mental clarity and improved recovery from physical stressors.

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