Sources of supply

We look forward to a cooperation with you

O4 Stabilisierter Sauerstoff - Flüssiges Hochkonzentrat (60 ml) für Sprossen

Specialized trade, pharmacies, therapists, online store’s and export

You have a specialized trade or online store? You run a seminar house, a health center or a pharmacy? You are a wholesaler or active in the im/export sector for health products?

You are a medical professional (such as therapists, medical practitioners, alternative practitioners, health consultants) with current practice?

Then we offer the possibilities of a long-term and cooperative partnership.

Please send us for this purpose:

Your homepage address, a professional certificate or proof of practice or trade license.
Afterwards you can request our dealer price list at or by phone 0941-3996707, or by fax 0941-3996704.

Our online store
is purely structurally geared towards private customers. Therefore we ask our dealers, therapists and resellers to order the desired articles by fax, e-mail, phone or mail. (Imprint)

We look forward to working with you!
Your Globalis Team


To ensure 100% worldwide that you are receiving the original concentrate – O4 stabilized oxygen, a special seal (identification logo) has been introduced and is used on the bottles and brochures. Bottles with labels are sealed/welded directly in the manufacturing laboratory.
So you can be absolutely sure and use it reliably for years to come.

You can recognize the highest quality Stabilized Oxygen with an oxygen content of over 350,000 ppm (35%) by the brand name: O4 stabilized oxygen on the seal shown on the top left.

Sources of supply

General delivery worldwide / Contact details

Hermann Rogl e.K.
Westheim 42
93049 Regensburg
Fon: 09 41/3 99 67 07
Fax: 09 41/3 99 67 04
email: mail[@]

Steuernummer: USt Nr: DE 133 651 176

Handelsregistereintrag: HRA 6250
Handelsregistergericht Regensburg

Specialized trade in Germany

Our specialized retailers in Germany

Specialized trade in Slovenia

Our specialized retailers in Slovenia

Strokovno svetovanje in storitve,
Boris Sever s.p.
Stuzevo 3d
4000 Kranj

Health & Wellness
M: +386 40 633 057

Specialised trade / Switzerland


Owner Renate Englich
Teufenthalerstr. 3
5724 Dürrenäsch, Switzerland
Phone: 077-433 59 44


Outside EU/ Worldwide

Outside EU/ Worldwide please on request

Stabilisierter Sauerstoff zur Herstellung von hochdosiertem Sauerstoff-Wasser

Globalis Vita

The chronology of our Stabilized Oxygen

GLOBALIS: Experience with stabilized oxygen since 1995

2020 Stabilized oxygen – The highest and safest quality of stabilized oxygen

2018 Change of application: aso for water revitalization.
Water rich with Oxygen for the safe production of vital and healthy seedlings and sprouts
2012 Compilation and evaluation of research results on oxygen water in Germany
2010 Extension of patent-office registration concerning aerobic stabilized oxygen and the trademark logo
2009 Delivery to nearly all European countries, as well as Asia and Africa
2008 First export of Original Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen to other european countries
2006 Start of world-wide certification of ASO distributors by Globalis
2005 Development of the quality seal to guarantee original quality to consumers
2004 Changeover to aerobic stabilized oxygen as a pure concentrate
1999 General distribution agent for aerobic oxygen, export to other European and Asian countries, support of water purification in India
1995 Stabilized oxygen for water purification is offered for the first time in Germany
1993 Various oxygen products are compared and tested
1992 First literature concerning oxygen is evaluated
1989 The name Globalis is created as a synonym for unique health products

HINT: The statements refer only to the application outside the EU.

Within the EU, O4 is currently not to be used as a food supplement because of the issue to be clarified (whether electrolysis is a novel process in the EU –
Novel Food Regulation). Not to be used as a food supplement.

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